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Specialising in political 
commentary & insight on the education sector, the Middle East & Africa


About Malia

Malia Bouattia is the former president of the National Union of Students (NUS) of the United Kingdom, elected at the National Conference in April 2016. She was the first woman of colour and Muslim leader of the NUS. She is a writer, public speaker, consultant and regular contributor to several news outlets, including The Guardian, Middle East Eye, The New Arab and the HuffPost.

Malia's Work

Malia specialises in political commentary and insight on the education sector, the Middle East & Africa

Alongside writing for leading news outlets, Malia has contributed essays to books including Pan Macmillan's 'It's Not About the Burqa' and 'For the Many: Preparing Labour for Power' by Mike Phipps. Malia's essay, on the future of universities was digitally published by Verso Books. 

As an activist and speaker, who has assumed a leadership position within the student movement, Malia has sat on various panels and attended numerous speaking engagements globally. She has regularly been invited to speak on worker and migrant rights by several unions, including Unison, UCU, TUC and NEU. 

She has spoken at both the Labour Party and Green Party conferences, as well the United Nations. 

Malia regularly engages with schools and universities across the country to deliver workshops for both students and staff to discuss issues pertaining to structural oppression. 

Featured Work

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