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A Ramadan like no other

A Ramadan under lockdown can teach us about resistance to injustice, and resilience in times of adversity.

Photo/Tayeb Mezahdia

As Ramadan draws to a close once more, we can confidently say that it has been a holy month like no other. 

The heavy shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic loomed over the ummah as we embarked on the fasting season at the end of April. Death surrounded our communities at home and abroad, as did the prospect of an unstable and bleak future following the end of the lockdown period. Many were depending on the collective gatherings for iftars, fundraisers and lectures as well as the overflowing places of worship to provide us with the empowerment and support that we would need to come out of the crisis more organised, and spiritually ready for the times ahead.

These were, of course, all abruptly taken away from us. We plot and we plan…

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