Boris Johnson's police state won't solve the coronavirus crisis

Johnson's government is shifting blame onto the poor, and away from his shocking lack of leadership and neglect of essential state services

Photo/Dom J

As worries over Covid-19 and its fallout increase in the face of an ever rising death toll, greater police powers may provide some with the temporary illusion that action is being taken to "keep us safe". Unfortunately, this is just another attempt by the UK government to address a symptom, rather than the cause of breaches to self-isolation. 

Why is it that the public is being overly-policed, chased out of parks, and controlled in the streets, as though we alone, are responsible for the spread of Covid-19? It seems the prime minister needs reminding of his own government's poor approach, which has led us directly to the current crisis. In fact, at the end of January, Johnson's health secretary, Matt Hancock, erroneously stated that the UK population was at "low" risk. The lack of seriousness with which Boris approached the growing pandemic was also clear from his absence during numerous essential Cobra meetings on the virus. 

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