Of course Muslims are staying home this Ramadan, so spare us the extra scrutiny

The run up to Ramadan has seen a slew of Islamophobic smear campaigns suggesting Muslims are not following the rules. The truth couldn't be more different

Photo/Tayeb Mezahdia

As the Islamic holy month of Ramadan approaches, public scrutiny and media attention towards Muslims is also growing. 

Last week, Andrew Pierce of the right wing Daily Mail tweeted that, "if families gather for the holy month of Ramadan there will be a huge spike in Covid-19 cases. Doctors are very worried".  

It is incredible that at a time when so many Muslims and people of colour are dying of coronavirus - many of them NHS staff on the frontline - ramping up Islamophobia is still top of the agenda. As the first doctor who lost his life to the disease in the UK, a Muslim, has barely been laid to rest, racists are already on the move to tarnish their name. 

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