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The state is trying to co-opt Black and Muslim women's struggle - don't be fooled

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

With Black Lives Matter uprisings around the globe, we must be even more vigilant of state attempts to manipulate our movements.


Recent revelations that the British government has been covertly diffusing its counterterrorism propaganda through the empowerment of women of colour on social media is yet another reminder of where interests lie when it comes to the state. 

When it feigns interest in the liberation of the oppressed, it is always, in one way or another, a ploy to further that oppression in a new way. This is yet another cautionary tale, and a reminder that we can only free ourselves by defeating the structures that oppress us.

Stoosh, an online space with both a Facebook page and Instagram account, was created in March 2017 by the communications company Breakthrough Media. While it presented itself as a social justice-minded platform for women of colour, it was contracted by a unit within the Home Office known as the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism (OSCT).

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