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We don't need Keir Starmer to kneel. We need him to get up and fight

Given Labour leader Keir Starmer's track record of complicity with repressive policing and state racism, taking a knee is an empty gesture.

Labour leader Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner take a knee in support of BLM [Twitter]

The current moment of revolt, triggered by the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police, continues to radicalise and internationalise. 

Demands have quickly moved beyond accountability to questioning the role of the police as the repressive arm of the state, structural forms of racism and oppression, and the links between racism at home and imperialism abroad. The current focus on statues, while symbolic, captures this important turn. 

Starting with the collective removal of the statue of slaver Edward Colston by demonstrators in Bristol, and its dumping in the waters where his boats used to dock, an international wave of actions is targeting statues of colonisers, slave owners, and other imperial officials.

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